brass mouthpieces

Brass mouthpieces

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When ordering or asking questions about any of the following mouthpieces, please refer to the ID code listed to the right of the price as we have several redundancies in our inventory and want to make sure that we get the right mouthpiece for you.
We will do our best to keep this list updated, however we may fall behind from time to time, please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

Condition Rating Reference

1 New Condition - no scratches or pitting, plating is 100%, no alterations; also includes reconditioned mouthpieces

2 Almost New Condition - plating on interior and exterior is in excellent condition, maybe some minor wear on the shank, very minor nicks

3 Good Condition - minor plating wear on exterior, minor nicks in rim

4 "Chuck Would Play It" Condition - some plating wear, nicks and pits in rim

5 Ugly Condition - plating is worn, plenty of nicks and pits

Trumpet | Cornet | Trombone | Euphonium | Tuba | EMAIL