King Super 20 alto saxophone:

Serial no. 336XXX. Classic H. N. White erra (pre 1966), professional model. Decent condition overall. Lots of pearl, sterling silver neck. Original case (in serviceable shape) included. Nice horn. Fully serviced prior to sale. Call or email for details.

$2450.00.00 SOLD


Yamaha Tenor saxophone:

Serial no. 408XX. Model YST-23, A very good entry level instrument. Nice condition overall. Lacquered brass with minor scratches, nickel plated keys, Original case (good shape) included. Good student tenor saxophone. Fully serviced prior to sale.

$885.00 SOLD


Conn 6M alto saxophone:

Serial no. 267XXX. The pads are in good shape and was relacquered some time ago but is holding up quite well. Has the microtuner neck and rolled toneholes. Comes with case.

$1650.00 SOLD


Selmer (USA) Alto Saxophone: In EXCELLENT condition, like new! Really! No scratches or dents. Has the high F# key and adjustable thumb rest. comes with the original case, also in excellent condition.

$1000. SOLD!!


King Zephyr alto saxophone:

Serial no. 400XXX. Original lacquer with all new pads! Comes with case.

$1300.00 SOLD!!


Selmer Super Action tenor saxophone:

Serial no. 49XXX. Made in 1952, this horn has been relacquered very nicely. In very good playing condition, nice playing horn. Comes with case.

$3750.00 Sold!!


Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone:

Serial no. 211XXX. Repadded by Oleg. Comes with case.

$2750.00 SOLD!!


Selmer SuperAction 80 serie II tenor saxophone:

Serial no. 546XXX. In very nice condition, a good playing professional tenor. Comes with case.

$2500.00 SOLD!!


The Martin alto saxophone:

Serial no. 169XXX. Made by the Martin Band Instrument Company of Elkhart, IN, its date of manufacture is 1949. This beauty is one of the popular American saxophone classics and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. It is in nice condition with most of the original lacquer intact.

$600.00 SOLD!!


Selmer Mark VII alto saxophone:

Serial no. 315XXX. A pro alto at a very good price. In nice condition, with case.

$2100.00 SOLD!

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